Adolfo Lutz Institute Scientific Journal turns 80

The year 2020 marked the beginning of the (COVID-19) pandemic, with a significant impact on our lives until today. In the midst of the complex health situation we are experiencing, we moved on with a legion of collaborators in order to carry on the legacy of Adolfo Lutz, who inspired José Pedro de Carvalho Lima to create, in 1941, the Revista do Instituto Adolfo Lutz (RIAL ).

Upon completing eighty years, RIAL remains committed to promoting the dissemination of scientific knowledge in Public Health. The themes covered in the 1796 articles distributed in 79 volumes published so far, cover the areas of Food Science, Chemistry, Medical Biology, Pathology, Quality Assurance Systems and Biosafety, giving the journal an inter and multidisciplinary character.

In this commemorative year, RIAL will take another step towards modernization, as it will integrate the Portal of Scientific Journals of SES / SP in the OJS (Open Journal System) platform. This will allow access to the most modern editorial processes, with a view to online submission and increasing the visibility of published articles.

Certainly, the longevity of RIAL depends on the performance of several professionals: from the authors who throughout this journey have given us their scientific production and have placed all their trust; the rapporteurs from the most diverse areas, who with their specific knowledge ensured the best scientific level of the published articles; colleagues of the editorial board, who followed the submission processes with a view to the quality of the published content and; of the support professionals who contributed to the different stages of the editorial process, making the closing of each edition possible. Our thanks to everyone.


Pedro Luiz Silva Pinto
Scientific Journal editor

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