BVS Information and Knowledge Network celebrates its 15 years with Webinar

Celebrating its 15 years, the VHL Information and Knowledge Network – VHL RIC of the São Paulo State Department of Health – SES/SP, promoted on October 20, 2021, a Webinar to record and share this important achievement.

The dynamics of the event included the coordinators of the VHL RIC, Dr. Sueli Saes and Lilian Schiavon, in person, followed by remote presentations by Dr. Diego Gonzalez, director of Bireme/PAHO/WHO and Renato Murasaki, Manager of Bireme/PAHO /WHO, both very important in the history of the VHL RIC, always supporting in a broad and constant way all the actions developed.

The Webinar also featured a presentation of the main highlights of the trajectory of the BVS RIC, highlighting projects implemented in this period. And, at the end of the event, the testimonials from the Cooperating Centers that actively and constantly monitor and contribute to the success of the VHL RIC.

It is important to emphasize that the VHL RIC promotes and expands the visibility of the technical-scientific production of SES/SP, in addition to gathering and preserving the institutional technical memory, making SES/SP information sources organized and accessible to all types of audiences.

Click here to watch the Webinar

We believe in this project, in its continuity and we thank everyone for their efforts.

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