Featured article in the April 2021 edition

Health information in the COVID-19 pandemic has been essential for decision-making in the face of emergencies caused by the new virus. Among the strategic information are the
mortality information, generated from the supply of the Information on Mortality (SIM) and the correct completion of the Death Certificate.
The management of the Mortality Information Systems (SIM) and the Live Birth Information System (Sinasc) is carried out by the Health Surveillance Information Center (CIVS) of the
Disease Control Coordination, an organ of the São Paulo State Department of Health Paul.
With the increase in the volume of deaths and in view of the high transmissibility of the virus, decisions needed to be taken to ensure both the management of information on mortality
from the disease and the correct handling of the postmortem body, the in order to prevent contamination by handling it.
For this, CIVS developed several actions, among them: the implementation of Verbal Autopsy; the establishment of death coding protocols by COVID19; the training of doctors to correctly
fill out the Death Certificate (DO); training of municipal and regional cause of death coders; and the elaboration of the Emergency Contingency Plan for the Supply of the Death Certificate
These and other information on the topic are in the special article “The Challenges of Surveillance of Vital Events in the State of São Paulo during the COVID-19 pandemic” published in the April edition of the São Paulo Epidemiological Bulletin.

Sylia Rehder
Centro de Produção e Divulgação Científica
Coordenação Editorial do Bepa
Coordenadoria de Controle de Doenças – CCD/SES-SP

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